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Welcome to Graduate Wellness Initiative!


Empowering Graduate Wellness, Transforming Lives


As we continue to strive for excellence and progress within our volunteer organization Graduate Wellness Initiative at New Mexico State University's Graduate School, it is time to elect a new secretary to serve on our executive team. The role of the secretary is pivotal in ensuring smooth operations, maintaining records, and facilitating communication within the organization.
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Election Timeline:
Nominations Open: 09/11/2023.
Nominations Close: 09/15/2023.
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Nomination Process:
To nominate a candidate for the secretary position, please follow these steps:
Email the completed nomination form to by the nomination deadline.
Nomination Deadline: 09/15/2023.
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Election Process:
Once the nomination period has concluded, we will provide information about the candidates and the voting process. We encourage all members to participate in this important democratic process to choose the individual who will serve as our secretary for the upcoming term.