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How to Build Confidence and Leverahe Your Personal Story to Get People to Say Yes.

You have endured adversities, personal struggles, or emotional challenges. Perhaps physical or psychological disabilities. You have overcome setbacks and catastrophes. Yet your ambition and vision cannot be extinguished. You are defined by what you have overcome, what you navigate, and how you show up. Transform what has held you back into fuel to propel you to new heights. Let go of self-doubt and give chance a chance to reach new milestones, new levels of confidence. Use the texture of your ordeals to spark creativity to sculpt a stronger, more engaging, driven version of you unleashed with new vibrance. As an empowerment and transformational coach, I will lead you on this journey to unveil the you that was always in you Read more.


Student walking down sidewalk with masks

The GWI Graduate Appreciation week.


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Coffee with our new Dean.


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Global Gathering for Good event.


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